Think you know your limits? Think again.

Train your mind to break through

Elite athletes train their minds like they train their bodies. Lucid gives you access to the mental skills coaches who have trained Michael Jordan, Brandon Marshall, Kobe Bryant, BJ Penn, Aaron Gordon, and many others.

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Buy in. More than anything you need to be mentally strong. Training with Lucid gives me the mental strength I need to perform in the NBA.
Aaron Gordon
High School Coach
Brandon Marshall
Ironman competitor
HS Starting QB
NCAA Athlete

Unlock greatness in 5 minutes a day

  • Meditation

    Focus is a choice. Lucid trains you to focus on what you can control in this moment. Locking into the present moment and focusing on what you can control unleashes your full potential when you need it the most.

  • Visualization

    Confidence is an action. Visualizing yourself acting confidently primes your brain for success. Visualization with Lucid gives you the mental reps you need to break through barriers and overcome obstacles in real life.

  • Positive affirmations

    Greatness is a decision. We all have a coach in our heads. Is that coach seeking greatness or afraid to fail? Lucid’s positive affirmations rewire your inner coach so you can unleash the greatness that is already inside of you.