It started
with a vision

The Story

Mental training is far from a new concept. For decades, elite athletes have employed sport psychology to gain a competitive edge. However, despite its proven effectiveness, access has been limited to in-person training. Our founders sought to address this need and envisioned a platform to empower athletes with the same mental training as the pros.

We enlisted Graham Betchart and George Mumford, two of the best performance coaches in athletics, as well as leaders in tech, sports, and mindfulness to build the Lucid app. We also formed the Lucid Players Association (LPA): a network of current and retired athletes dedicated to developing the minds of the next generation. Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic and Brandon Marshall of the New York Giants have laid the groundwork for the LPA. Through their alignment with Lucid's mission, they have opened the door for other elite athletes to join the movement.

Since we launched the app, our users can't get enough and people have taken notice. Lucid has been featured on ESPN’s SportsCenter and Sports Illustrated, as well as Business Insider and TechCrunch. Lucid users have reported increases in confidence, focus, and the ability to face challenges related to their sport. These benefits translate to other areas of their life including in the classroom, in the office, and in their personal relationships.

The Mission

At Lucid, our passion to unlock potential drives who we are and what we do. True competitors are on a never-ending quest for greatness, often putting more pressure on themselves than any coach, peer, or relative ever could - and that is why we have created a tool to help curb the noise, focus on the task at hand, and achieve results.

Unlike other meditation or performance apps, Lucid is goal-oriented and founded in principles of sport psychology. We help you perform under pressure by providing you with the mental training tools to face any challenges that you choose to tackle.

We live in a world where every moment counts, which is why our workouts are designed to be completed wherever you are, whenever you need them. All you need is a phone and five minutes.

Lucid 2.0

Lucid 2.0 brings users mental fitness education, training and support beyond just the app. The demand for more extensive resources became apparent after the launch of Lucid 1.0 in May 2016, and prompted Lucid’s expansion into a Mental Fitness Platform. Now, in addition to the workouts offered through the app, Lucid 2.0 provides coaches’ workshops, features athlete-curated content from the LPA, hosts events, and offers an opportunity to interact with our coaches directly.

Lucid will continue to innovate to help you become a better you. Keep pressing play, and let’s #getlucid.